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Dexter 14-1/4" Long Equalizer for 3" Wide Springs, 1-1/8" Center Bolt Hole

Dexter 14-1/4" Long Equalizer for 3" Wide Springs, 1-1/8" Center Bolt Hole


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Improve Trailer Stability and Handling with a Heavy-Duty 14-1/4" Trailer Equalizer

Upgrade your trailer's suspension with this premium 14-1/4" long equalizer. This essential component connects slipper springs on tandem or triple-axle trailers, ensuring even weight distribution and a smoother ride.

Enhanced Trailer Performance:

  • Equal Weight Distribution:¬†Promotes even weight distribution across axles for optimal handling and minimizes wear on trailer components.
  • Reduced Axle Stress:¬†Transfers load and absorbs impact between axles, reducing stress on individual axles and extending trailer life.
  • Improved Stability:¬†Combats trailer sway, especially when hauling uneven loads, for increased safety and control.
  • Durable Construction:¬†Manufactured from high-strength steel for long-lasting durability on the road.

Simple Installation:

  • Center Hanger Attachment (Sold Separately):¬†Attaches directly to the center hanger of your trailer's suspension system for a straightforward installation.
  • Spring Compatibility:¬†Designed to work with 3-inch wide slipper springs with 1-inch diameter spring eye.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material:¬†High-strength steel
  • Spring width:¬†3 inches
  • Spring eye diameter:¬†1 inch
  • Length:¬†14-1/4"
  • Center bolt hole diameter:¬†1-1/8"
  • Side bolt hole diameter (for mounting spring):¬†1"
  • Axle spacing:¬†38" (Compatible)
  • Dimensions:¬†See table below

    Slipper Equalizer

    • Part Number:¬†13-107-7
    • A:¬†14-1/4"
    • B:¬†5"
    • C:¬†4-1/2"
    • D:¬†1-1/8"
    • E:¬†1"

    13-107-7 Equalizer for 3" Slipper Springs - 14-1/4" Long