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6 Leaf 3" Wide Slipper Spring for 12k Trailer Axles 30-1/2" long

6 Leaf 3" Wide Slipper Spring for 12k Trailer Axles 30-1/2" long


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6 leaf slipper spring with a 6,000 lb capacity used on 12,000 lb Dexter, Lippert, Carter trailer axles.

Multiple leaf spring will flex to absorb road shock and provide a smooth ride
Springs reduce wear and tear on your trailer
Found on most 12k Dexter / Lippert axles.
1" eye rubber bushing included with spring

Single Spring Capacity: 6,000 lbs
Axle Capacity: 12,000 lbs
Thickness of Leaves: 3/8"
Number of Leaves: 6
Spring width: 3"
Spring length: 30-1/2"
Spring eye size: 1"
Manufacturer: AxleTek
Construction: Steel
Finish: Black Paint
Part number: ML-044-01 or ML-044-00,  072-044-01, 72-44
Crossover part numbers: 72-44-1, ML-044-01, 120096, UNA-269, SP-269275, 072-044-01, ML-044-00

Installation Instructions:
- Eye of spring will attach to front hanger mounted to the trailer frame or to the center of the equalizer.
- Slipper end of the spring will slid into the equalizer or the rear axle hanger.
- Suggested to insert new suspension bolts and tighten to the manufacturer's specs.